Automated Chicken Coop pt. 2 – Remotely Controlling our Coop pt. 1

Remotely Controlling the Chicken Coop via WIFI

In my search for a way to control the chicken coop over WiFi, I came across a lil board called the NodeMCU ESP 12-E. The ESP family are small microcontrollers with built in WiFi capability.  They are used extensively in arduino projects. There is loads of knowledge about how they work and how to incorporate them with arduino projects. All available at your fingertips on the web.

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Automated Chicken Coop pt. 1

I’m currently in the process of finishing the build of my chicken coop as well as automating it.  After losing chickens to neighborhood dogs, and chickens roosting in trees over vehicles all night (WHAT A MESS!) it was time to fix the problems of containing and providing safety for my flock.  But with a day job, and family, it can be hard to find the time to take care of my feathery flock as well. So it was time to make a coop for my flock.

There are numerous examples of how to create automated chicken coop doors online, as well as various other systems.  I picked from this list and came up with the requirements of my own.

Chicken Coop Requirements

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