Update 5/11/17

Alright – so I know everybody that has followed this is wondering “WTF did he give up?”

To answer that quickly NO.

I’ve been waiting on some things to come in and will most likely start to work on this again this weekend.  I apologize for any problems this may have caused others.   I have been working on various computer interfaces for working with our project, but each is a very large interface that I’ve yet to near completion with.

On a sad note – wild dogs got all but my roosters over the last month, so this is a priority on my plate to finish.  So this weekend here is the plan for all to prepare for.

The next part of this series will be creating an automated chicken coop door,  for this part of our project.  Your parts list will include.

Nema 17 Motor with 200steps per rotation.

Arduino Nano/Uno/Mega.

A Stepper motor driver (the one we will be using is a A4988).

A 12 volt power supply rated for 2 Amps (wall wart).


– If using a Arduino Nano –

Buy the I/O breakout board.  This will make connections much easier to work with.

There are a few ways to use the motor to raise and lower the door.  I will be using a lead screw to raise the door (because the screw itself will provide some resistance to open when the door is closed and I had one on hand – probably not enough however, so I will be possible creating a latch later).

Another option can be found via the following link that shows an auto-locking door for a chicken coop.  I’m toying with how to use this method with the lead screw as well.  We’ll see which route I take.



As always – I will provide code as this is a new part of the project and do my best to document the build as this will be more than code this time.  You WILL have to adjust the code to your own build respectively, but you shouldn’t have an issue with that if you have made it this far.

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